Prices are per vehicle regardless of type (i.e. 2wd or 4wd)


DAY TRIP:                                                                         $ 30.00


ONE NIGHT CAMPING ONE DAY 4WD:                         $ 50.00


TWO NIGHTS CAMPING PLUS 2 DAYS 4WD:               $ 100.00


THREE NIGHTS CAMPING PLUS 3 DAYS 4WD:           $ 150.00




Office Hours:  

Monday - Sunday    Open 8am to 8pm  

If you wish to visit outside these hours it can only be by appointment, the same fees will apply.  Bookings are essential.


4wding is a dangerous activity and you enter the tracks at your own risk.


If your vehicle is stranded and recovery is required by the Springs recovery team, recovery fees apply as follows:


$100.00 per hour – normal tracks

$150.00 per hour – extreme tracks

$500.00 flat rate for vehicles stranded in Carnage Canyon.


EFTPOS facilities are available.


A copy of the Code of Conduct and our Park map are available for download by simply selecting the FORMS tab above.