Q. Can I have a camp fire?
A. Yes you can have a campfire as long as it is in an existing fire pit. All campfires are to be kept to a controllable size – No bonfires are permitted. Please do not put your glass in the campfire. The park complies with all State and Local Fire Authority restrictions.
Q. Can I take my 2WD down to the campsite?
A. We try to maintain the track down to the campsite to allow access for 2WD.
Q. Can I take my caravan down to the campsite?
A. Yes caravans will make it down to the campsite.
Q. Do I need to book?
A. Weekdays and school holidays are by appointment only and you will need to call beforehand. No need to book for weekends, however, it is always advisable to book for long weekends. 
Q. When are the gates open?
A. The office is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.
Q. Can I drive my vehicle at night?
A. There is no driving permitted at night. At times organised night runs are undertaken.
Q. Is drinking water available on site?
A. There is potable bore water available outside the amenities block as well as bottled water for sale in the office. It may be an idea to bring your own.
Q. Can my underage son or daughter drive here to learn to 4WD.
A. Queensland Road Laws are applied throughout the park.
Q. Are there BBQ’s facilities available?
A. There are currently no facilities available. It is recommended you bring your own cooking facilities.
Q. Can we still come when to the park when there is a competition on?
A. Yes you can still come to the park and enjoy the facilities. Competitions will use only 5% of the park.
Q. Can I bring my generator?
A. Generators can be used up until 9pm.
Q. Do you have powered sites?
A. No we don’t have powered sites, but you can bring a generator, which can only be used up to 9pm.
Q. What’s the weather going to be like?
A. We don’t have that crystal ball, but we have found that if it is raining in Brisbane, it’s unusual to have the rain come over the range.You will need to check the BOM site - http://www.bom.gov.au/qld/warnings/
Q. Can I drive Beer O’ Clock hill at any time?
A. Beer O’clock can only be driven at designated times under Management supervision.
Q. Can I bring my dog to The Springs?
A. We are a dog friendly park you need to bring their lead and clean up after your little pooch.  Please ensure that when you check in you leave your dog in your vehicle as our dogs are protective and territorial at the check in area when it comes to other animals.